The play named ‘Topaz’ revolves around five characters with running time of an hour long. This is a story of the bestselling author of India named ‘KeshavPandit.’ He is settled in Mumbai and till date his 57 novels have been published. He is fascinated by death and wants to commit suicide because he keeps on saying after reading Kabir, Kafka, Dostoevsky the only thing I understood is “The very first sign of Wisdom is a wish to die.” He is a pessimist and do not like persons around him and the day he wants to commit suicide; a boy comes to deliver Pizza to his house. Keshav gets touched by his gullible behavior and drops the plan of committing suicide. He starts calling that pizza boy (Guddu) to his house very often and come to know that Guddu is one of the purest souls he has ever met. Pizza boy’s optimistic thought on everything changes Keshav Pandit and later Keshav realizes that “Wisdom should lead to bliss… and not cynicism or a wish to die.”

The play is written by Mr. Nikhil Sachan and directed by Mr. Saurabh Anand.


1. Mr. Saurabh Anand in & as Keshav Pandit (Cynical writer)

2. Mr. Vishal Sharma in & as Tikku Miyaan (Keshav’s novel publisher)

3. Mr. Durgesh Mishra in & as Guddu (Pizza Boy & Keshav’s closest friend)

4. Ms. Sakshi Mishra in & as Jasmine (Keshav’s Female Friend)

5. Mr. Deepak Khandelwal in & as Bhagwan


1. Ms. Iffat Shabi Khan

2. Mr. Ritum Kumar

3. Mr. Shivansh Shukla

4. Mr. Akash Mishra