A Chinese proverb goes by the saying “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand”.

Drama is a collaborative art form. It comes from Greek words meaning “to do” or “to act”. A drama, or play, is basically a story acted out. And every play, whether serious or humorous, ancient or modern, tells its story through characters in situations that imitate human life.It examines and challenges established ideas and prejudices. Not only drama encourages critical and creative thinking and innovation but generates new ideas and reflects on trends in society.Through drama, an individual develops confidence in expressing their ideas as they seek to communicate with a variety of audiences, thereby influencingthe society. It makes them more creative and helps to emerge with creative ideas and think critically.


‘स्वांग - Lloyd Drama Club’ is dedicated to enhance a multitude of qualities among the students through numerous activities in the drama club. The club objects at inculcating efficient communication skills and promotes better understanding of several aspects of life apart from the profession involved in. The Club aims at developing tolerance and in making the involved, more emphatic. Among the varied aspects of performing arts, an important aspect is improvisation which helps in understanding how to appraise situations, think outside the box and be more confident when going into unfamiliar situations. The confidence, therefore, gained from learning to perform arts skillfully can then be applied in various spheres of life.

The club has been formalized to facilitatethis form of creativity as a collaborating tool of portraying the quality of an ensemble performance; importantlyto improve verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Pertinently, the club objects at providing a platform for improving vocal projection, articulation, listening and observation skills and necessarily contrives tone of speech and expression.

Skit Plays named ‘Topaz’ on author of India named ‘KeshavPandit.’. Lloyd Law College - April 24,2018
The play named ‘Topaz’ revolves around five characters with running time of an hour long. This is a story of the bestselling author of India
Founding Members
Founding Members of Lloyd Drama Club named swaang Lloyd Law College - April 24,2018
Lloyd Law College first time organized a Lloyd Drama Club name swaang to know more about our founding members click on it